Mode of Study

The best blend of e-learning and face to face learning

At TeleDom we know how to bring 21st century education and employability skills to you!

Blended learning (a combination of e-learning and face to face learning) allows you to gain knowledge in a distance learning environment that can be applied practically in a Real Work Environment.

The terms “distance learning”, “online learning” and “e-learning” refer to web-based teaching and learning methods using new computer technology. Online studying methods offer many advantages compared to traditional classrooms teaching methods.

TeleDom Education is the perfect way to round off your skill set while continuing to work in your current position. Work and life commitment often makes it difficult or impossible to be a full-time (or part-time) student.

TeleDom Education online study is a suitable alternative that provides flexibility and convenience. Studying online means you become part of a community of like-minded professionals in pursuit of your career goals.

Learn distant, meet tutors, teachers and fellow students through GoToMeeting and pick up real skills in the real world with us!