Tuition fees

Tuition fees and learning incentive

At TeleDom, tuition fees reflect the quality of education and the incredible professional experience one gets. But we also have in place genuine incentives, which are not offered anywhere else!

With first month tuition free, access to learning resources, free accommodation at the TeleDom Hotel or even a chance to work for us while learning, nobody can beat our value!

And there are two more fabulous incentives:

 a)   free tuition to the best student

 b)   employment at Novitech / TeleDom for the very best

 Please see more details of the offer:

 1.  Base tuition fee 400 € for each month starting from registration until completing a given unit (HNC/HND in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Innovation and Growth).

 First month tuition is free. The base fee includes:

 a.  Access to learning resources and Course portal

 b.  Participation in web meetings with the teachers (min. twice a week for 2 hours)

 c.  Accommodation at the TeleDom hotel for Units where practical assignments require a real working environment

 d.  TeleDom Certificate of completion after each unit passed

 e.  Pearson BTEC certificate after completing the entire programme

 2.  Discounts from the tuition fee:

Working as a consultant or trainee at the TeleDom Centre (Hourly rate 15-20 € depending on the nature of the work performed by the student).

Examples: Providing consulting and/or training services during Innovation and Growth learning, designing updates for learning units, providing assistance at related workshops, etc.


The main incentive for both students and the TeleDom Education centre: 

  • Intensive study = means lower total cost of course for the student
  • Intensive participation in development of innovation business cases and workshops = reduction of the monthly tuition fee

And last, but not least, the very best students will be offered employment at TeleDom Centre as trainees.