Why study with us

There are four key reasons why it is your advantage to study with TeleDom

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21st century education

Education is changing with the emergence of a new type of schools, colleges and training providers, where focus is put on the practical experience. Learning in a Real Work Environment (RWE) allows to gain not certificated education, but the experiene that is needed to outperform competition and gain good employment.

Internationally recognized education leading to top Universities

Education is not local anymore, it has become global. By learning with TeleDom Education you can continue your education in many places around the world to gain a university degree. The fact that we offer Pearson’s global qualifications, means that you can have education that is valid in more than a 100 countries.

The best blend of e-learning and face to face learning 

Blended learning (a combination of e-learning and face to face learning) allows you to gain knowledge in a distant learning environment that can be apllied practically in a Real Work Environment.

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Free studies for the best students

It is TeleDom’s policy to support best students. This can become reality through discounts, working for us during your studies. You can even can expect TeleDom to cover the cost of studies of the very best students and offer employment to you.