TeleDom Education Centre - Timonova 27, Košice (Slovak Republic)


Our Courses

Development skills

We offer a wide range of accredited professional courses and training to develop and improve managerial skills that guarantee not only your work and personality growth, but also the path to individual ways to successfully implement your business plans and goals.

With many years of experience, our lecturers will provide you with various proven methods to handle processes that will help you in operational management. You will be able to test the individual model situations directly on training under the guidance of professional trainers, which you will be able to apply quickly and successfully in practice.

We offer group training for the public, but also for closed groups within individual companies and directly in the headquarters of companies, where we can adapt the scope and content to the requirements of the customer.

Professional courses

We offer a full range of professional education. The most frequently sought professional training includes training and professional training courses and training that will provide you with important information about changing legislation and their application in practice. We organize one-day or one- multi-day training sessions where our lecturers with a wealth of practical experience in the field will not only introduce you but also answer your questions.

We organize not only group training for the public, but also for closed groups within the companies (IN-HOUSE) and directly in the companies‘ headquarters, where we can adapt content content to the requirements of the customer. We are able to prepare training courses for you, as well as for your other requirements.

Language courses

Do you need to improve your language skills?

We have prepared a Business English language course for you, which can also be a preparation for an International Business English Certificate (BEC). The aim of this course is to teach you not only language skills such as speaking, reading, writing and listening with understanding, but also social skills that are a necessary part of communication itself, presenting, or solving different situations.

By mutual agreement, we can prepare for you in other places you want and adjust the time range of individual modules. The language course can be done in both group and individual forms.

Computer courses

If you would like to simplify your life and make your work more efficient in your institution, consider taking your employees to our company-based courses tailored to your needs.

Computer courses are taking place at the TeleDom Learning Center, in a pleasant environment of a modernly equipped classroom with well-equipped equipment adapted to the classroom. We organize our courses under the guidance of highly qualified lecturers who will teach you to effectively target the computer environment and provide you with the rich experience and the necessary IT skills that you can apply quickly and easily in practice. We will teach you simple methods, we will advise you how to handle a lot of input data and interpret them into readable and transparent tables and then we will teach you how to present them well.

We emphasize the benefits of individual training, where all your attention is paid by the trainer only to you. Propose the date and time of the training, content and pace of the lesson to suit your needs.

We also offer preferential packages of PC courses in IT education that can be paid through REPAS.

Types of groups:

Realization of training and computer courses:

  • Courses and trainings are taking place at the TeleDom Training Centre, tailored to the client’s time and methodological problems.
  • Interests are divided into groups based on benchmarking
  • In case of interest, you must complete a binding application for educational activities that you have chosen from our wide range

Public training – Group lessons (small and large groups max. 5 people)

  • The offer of attractive computer training courses and courses focused on management education implemented in the form of public groups
  • Quality and affordable solution for private individuals as well as business customers with fewer attendees.

Individual training

  • Take advantage of individual training where all your attention is paid by the lecturer only to you.
  • Propose the date and time of the training, content and pace of the lesson to suit your needs.

Closed corporate training

  • Business computer training courses and management training courses for your employees anywhere in Slovakia
  • We will prepare a tailor-made course with content, deadline and place of realization according to your ideas and the needs of its participants


  • Extensive choice of computer courses and training.
  • Long-term experience.
  • Emphasis on quality.
  • Complexity of services.
  • Individual approach to meet customer requirements.
  • Teaching led by experienced lecturers, maximally tailored to customer requirements.
  • Possibility to obtain a certificate of completion of educational activity.
  • Pleasant environment and well-equipped computer rooms adapted to the classroom.
  • Rental of audio and high-speed internet as part of training.
  • High quality written materials in written or digital form.
  • Possibility to implement educational activities on your company’s premises.
  • Providing snacks and lunch during training.
  • Securing accommodation for clients from large cities.
  • We approach the pricing process flexibly.
  • Long-term contracts and re-use of TeleDom services will get you more in less time.